Why SACD is encrypted

May 10, 2022
 by Paul McGowan

6 comments on “Why SACD is encrypted”

  1. An unpleasant surprise when I tried to play SACDs through the dac in my new integrated (which I assumed would be better than the one in my player). I played with every setting there was until I finally read up on it and found out about the encryption. I can’t believe there’s not a way to let people play it without letting it be copied.
    As musician who’s been the victim of the rampant stealing of music, I get the idea that we should be protected. But c’mon.

  2. An accurate report on SACD, playback and encryption.
    Most are forced to do DoP in the settings, which again, is another conversion with a crappy DAC chip.

    I found a deal on a Marantz SACD30n, and it’s DACs are so good, I just use the analog outs.
    It’s electronics make CDs sound really good also.

  3. I’m a CD and occasional legal download guy but if I’m not mistaken people have found a way to copy SACD’s using Sony PlayStation’s. I never gave up on CD’s and now I pick up good used ones for pennies on the dollar. So much music, so little time!

    1. I believe there are or were unofficial devices (in other words illegal) you could buy online, mainly for Oppo players, that would allow SACD digital out. Anyone that has one probably won’t be writing about it here. Couldn’t agree more with your last sentence.

  4. There seems to be a misconception about the ‘ripping’ of CDs (and, yes, SACDs). You are within your rights to rip a CD or SACD to WAV or DSF files provided it is for your own use. That is, either to which to listen on your own system or for archiving and backup purposes. In these cases you ‘must’ keep the original media (CDs or SACDs). If you pass the media onto another person you ‘must’ delete any ‘ripped’ copies you have. The same applies to downloads you purchase on line. The copyright laws are pretty clear on this but, sadly, many people flout them, making it difficult for the honest amongst us.

    BTW, “ripping SACDs” you may ask? These days it is relatively simple to rip SACDs to DSF files. The process has even been covered in a Copper magazine article.


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