Why do some amps weigh so little?

April 18, 2021
 by Paul McGowan

3 comments on “Why do some amps weigh so little?”

  1. I’m sure class D has come a long way but I still love the sound of weighty amplifiers and weighty speakers and any of my other components that have weight.

  2. The closest I have gotten to class D amplification, is picking up a pare of JBL LSR-310S 200 watt powered subwoofers.
    The amps in deed are class D.
    I have no idea as of yet, of what a class D amplifier sounds like with full range music going throo it.
    I’m thinking about picking myself up a PS Audio Sprout integrated amp.
    I have been doing a lot of reading up on that amp.
    But I am waiting until my 49th birthday gets here to do that.
    But that’s less then 3 months from now.
    So, I will cross that bridge when I come to it.

  3. How old I must be : I’m still in love with tube amplifiers, the problem being the price of great NOS valves.
    Then for me comes class A amps.
    The best of the class D I’ve been able to listen to still lacked either warmth or dynamic (for me).

    Unfortunately, the M1200 is not available in France.

    BUT, if you sell me them $400 a pair as I heard on you video (sorry, there might be a technical problem as I couldnt hear what you said after lol), anytime the COVID allows it, I come to Boulder to buy some and will plug in it a pair of ECC802s.

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