New speakers for high definition audio

August 12, 2021
 by Paul McGowan

10 comments on “New speakers for high definition audio”

  1. To achieve high definition I would prefer ribbon- or better magnetostatic speakers. They can only be overtaking by electrostatic systems, driven directly from high voltage transistor amplifiers. Blind tests shows that anyone can hear the difference between CD and SACD within the first seconds on the same music piece. Unfortunately the number of dealers with a wide technical range of speakers in prepared listening rooms are very rare. Needless to say that high definition requires perfect recording and this will reduce your private selection by far, keyword “loudness war”.

    1. I agree with the ribbons (true ribbons) or Heil air motion transformer for highs. Electrostatics for mids. Nothing can reproduce a viola like a Quad… I’ve not heard the magnetostatic… but now I’d like to..!

      1. The quads are good speakers to listen more serious music at a moderate volume. They have disadvantages in terms of dynamic power capability and high frequency resolution, try to listen well recorded “Rammstein” on those speakers 🙂 This is caused by the use of a step up transformer ( bottleneck ) and the high capacitive load to the amplifier promoting electrical instability. In direct driven mode this effects will totally disappear revealing excellent dynamic response up to 30 KHz. The only thing to suffer is the sweet spot where you are nailed to by every flat speaker and the “woman will hate them” factor.

  2. I believe I said this, in a much earlier post.
    I just about got my hands on a very nice vintage pare of Pioneer Titan IVPW30-c speakers.
    But according to the website I found them on, the frenclicy response is, 25HZ, to 50,000KHZ.
    IN spite of the fact that these speakers are 61 years old, it sounds like they can go up as high, as well as low.
    I don’t think they’ll have any problem allowing me to hear what’s on any HDCD and or SACD either.
    But like Paul said, you have to have very resolving electronics to go right along with all of that.

    1. Good morning Yorki!
      Only just one questtion.
      Where did you find those Red 150C speakers at?
      And also, I would like to know the specs on those speakers.
      Thanks in advance!

      1. Hi John.
        I bought the red 150se in the UK details can be found at there are reviews on the website and some videos on YouTube hope this helps.

        1. Hi again Yorki!
          I did do a Duck Duck Go surch for those speakers.
          I found the Red 150 speakers.
          And I found them on that same website.
          But it made no mention of the 150C speakers.
          But by judging by the article, it was posted on that site, sometime daring 2016.
          I’m in the United States.
          The Colonies as the Brits call them.
          But what I was trying to figure out, is if they’re suitable to use with tube amps.
          My ears don’t care too much for the sound of transistor amps.
          Yay thoe, I own three of them.

  3. Hi John.
    There are two models of the 150 it started as a Russell K red 150 then was upgrade later to the SE both designs are available the SE is the top model, also a smaller K 120 available.
    I don’t know if there are dealers in the USA and if not it would make try before you buy hard,having said that it is what I did with a fourteen day sale or return they did not go back.
    The speaker are 65″ apart and my chair is about 90″ away also fairly close to the walls the room is small 14×12 foot and an odd shape, I could over load the untreated space with to much volume.
    I use the speakers with a Trafomatic experience elegance integrated 45 watts push pull KT88 valve amp it work well for me,I have other amps but have not tried them.
    Good luck with the search.

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