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Stellar Power Plant 3

Generate new AC power for best performance

Built in Boulder
All units handmade in Boulder, Colorado.

The Stellar Power Plant 3 stands on the shoulders of giants. Built as an evolution from our renowned P12, P15, and P20 the P3 is our most affordable regenerator – perfect for powering sources and small to medium systems. Power Plants generate sine-wave-perfect, regulated, high current AC power from your home’s AC. In the process of regeneration, problems on your power line such as low voltage, distorted waveforms, sagging power, and noise are eliminated and the power quality enhanced. The results are both audibly and visually stunning when powering either audio or video products. Further, the level of protection afforded connected equipment is extraordinary. You can feel 100% confident that a P3 will provide pure and safe power under any condition.

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Stellar Power Plant 3

Product Description

Providing 300 watts of continuous power output and peaks of 900 watts, the P3 is the perfect companion for source gear and systems running high efficiency Class D amps like the Stellar M700 monoblocks. Designed with elegant simplicity in mind, the P3 is a plug and play device that will provide you with perfect power without any fuss.

Power Plants are regarded for their ability to reduce noise and THD to virtually zero while providing rock steady voltage output. Traditional power conditioners can only affect a portion of incoming noise and are unable to compensate for over or under voltage. Furthermore, power conditioners raise the impedance of the power going to your system, which can bleach your sound and drain away dynamics. The P3 handles things completely differently. Through the P3’s active regeneration process, it is able to provide perfect power while also lowering the impedance, increasing the dynamics and openness of your system.

Best of all, the P3 features overbuilt surge and spike protection, meaning you can rest easy knowing your system is safe.

Don’t starve your music or risk damaging your equipment. A P3 gives you greatly improved performance and safety from just plugging into the wall socket and far better dynamics, more authoritative bass and a much bigger, more open soundstage than any passive power conditioner on the market. Why settle for anything but a Power Plant? Take one home and try it today.

This product qualifies for our risk free in-home trial in the continental United States when purchased directly from PS Audio. And, trade in and save. Let us repurchase your old equipment at its full and original retail price. We’ll give it a good home and make sure you have the best power in the world. Just click the green Trade In and Save button above these words to take advantage.

  • Built in Boulder
  • 300 watts continuous regenerated output
  • 500 watts short term regenerated output
  • 900 watts peak regenerated output
  • 1000 watts filtered output
  • 3X lower impedance than P5 Power Plant
  • Can deliver up to 30 amps peak from internal storage
  • 6 outlets US
  • 15 amp AC input US
  • 120 volt regulated US
  • Range 95 – 145 VAC US
  • 4 EU/AU/GR/UK outlets
  • 10 amp AC input EU/AU/GR/UK
  • 230 volt Regulated EU/AU/GR/UK
  • Range 200 –285VAC EU/AU/GR/UK
  • 100% regenerated AC
  • MultiWave
  • CleanWave
  • Pure Sine Wave
  • Remote Control
  • 48 pounds boxed
  • 17W x 4H x 14D

Gary Alan Barker

The sonic benefits to the Stellar Power Plant 3 are clear and palpable. Lowered noise floor and increased dynamic range, which in turn gives you enhanced detail, more air and a larger soundstage, and often can improve your tonal balance by increasing the linear bandwidth of your system….

If you love your current system, but would like to move up to the next level, before you scrap your amplifier or even your DAC, I suggest giving the PS Audio Stellar Power Plant 3 a try, but I do warn you, that you will not want to go back once you do. Heartily recommended.

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Power Plants are available worldwide at your country’s proper voltage rating. Outlets include US, UK, German (Shuko) and Australian. For inquiries concerning different outlets or voltages outside the United States and Canada, please contact your country’s dealer or distributor, or fill out the question form on this page.

Environment Specification



LocationIndoor use onlyIndoor use only
Duty CycleSuitable for continuous operationSuitable for continuous operation
Moisture SensitivityNot sealed against moistureNot sealed against moisture
Operating Humidity<80%rh<80%rh
Storage Temperature-40C to +40C-40C to +40C
Operating Temperature0C to 40C0C to 40C
Electrical Supply Nominal RatingUS - 120V 15A 60Hz
JP - 100V 15A 50/60Hz
230V 10A 50/60Hz

Instrument Specification



Unit Dimensions17” W x 12” D x 3.25” H (43cm x 30.48cm x 8.255cm)17” W x 12” D x 3.25” H (43cm x 30.48cm x 8.255 cm)
Unit Weight31.4 lbs ( 14.24 kg)31.4 lbs ( 14.24 kg)
Shipping Dimensions22” x 17” x 8” (55.88cm x 43.18cm x 20.32cm)17” W x 12” D x 3.25” H (43cm x 30.48cm x 8.255 cm)
Shipping Weight39.4 lbs (17.87 kg)39.4 lbs (17.87 kg)
Nominal Input VoltageUS - 108 – 145 VAC
JP - 85 – 125 VAC
200 –270 VAC
Maximum Continuous LoadUS - 300VA
JP - 300VA
Maximum Peak Load (30 seconds)1000VA1000VA
Voltage Regulation<0.1%<0.2%
Typical Output THD<0.3%<0.3%
Output Impedance<0.008 ohm<0.008 ohm
Efficiency @ 300VA>85%>85%
Input Frequency45 – 65 Hz45 – 65 Hz
Energy Dissipation680J850J
Peak Current Surge60,000A60,000A
Max Surge Voltage6,000V6,000V
Clamp Level340V800V
DC TriggerNoneNone


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