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SPROUT AudioQuest Golden Gate Analog Interconnects

PS Audio’s choice for our Sprout Series

In a PS Audio Sprout System, AQ Golden Gate single ended RCA interconnects tie together your source equipment to Sprout without any loss of information. Golden Gates are the perfect RCA inteconnect for Sprout owners. The superior shielding and conductor geometry will help bring new life to your music.

The AQ Golden Gate interconnects employ Asymmetrical Double Balanced Geometry specifically designed for single ended RCA applications like Sprout. Asymmetrical Double-Balanced Geometry offers a relatively lower impedance on the ground for a richer, and more dynamic experience. While many single-ended cable designs use a single path for both the ground and the shield, Double-Balanced designs separate the two for cleaner, quieter performance. Couple Double Balanced Geometry with the high conductivity of Golden Gate’s Solid Perfect Surface copper conductors, and you’ll finally unleash all the musical power locked away inside PS Audio’s Sprout.


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SPROUT AudioQuest Golden Gate Analog Interconnects

Product Description

With Sprout100, as with all quality equipment, the quality of conductors and the effectiveness of the noise reduction system is critical. AQ’s Golden Gate analog RCA interconnects were hand selected to be a perfect match.

The AQ Golden Gate interconnects are part of Audioquest’s Bridges and Falls Series featuring better metals and more sophisticated technologies than any previous model and include Air-Tube insulation, Dielectric-Bias System, and a Noise-Dissipation System.

AQ Golden Gate analog interconnects are hand-curated to match Sprout’s amazing sonic character with the naturalness of music for optimum synergy within a system. Enjoy the perfect match of Sprout and Golden Gate Analog Interconnects from AQ.

This product qualifies for our risk free in-home trial in the continental United States when purchased directly from PS Audio. Break-in on AQ Cables may be required for optimal performance.

Solid Perfect-Surface Copper conductors

Since the beginning, AudioQuest has pioneered the use of superior metals, yet even we were surprised by the huge leap in performance attained through the astonishingly smooth and pure surface of Perfect-Surface Copper (PSC). PSC clearly outperforms previous AQ metals that cost over ten times more. Proprietary metal-processing technology protects the wire’s surface at every stage of drawing and fabrication. When high-purity low-oxide copper is kept as soft, pure, and smooth as possible, it becomes a wonderfully low-distortion conductor. In a conventional cable, electrical and magnetic interaction between strands is one of the greatest sources of distortion, often causing a somewhat harsh, dirty sound. Solid conductors are fundamental toward achieving Golden Gate’s clean, natural sound.

Metal-Layer Noise-Dissipation System

It’s easy to accomplish 100% shield coverage. Preventing captured Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) from modulating the equipment’s ground reference requires AQ’s Noise-Dissipation System (NDS). Traditional shield systems typically absorb and then drain noise/RF energy to component ground, modulating and distorting the critical “reference” ground plane, which in turn causes a distortion of the signal. NDS “shields the shield,” absorbing and reflecting most of this noise/RF energy before it reaches the layer attached to ground.

  • Asymmetrical double-balanced geometry
  • Solid Perfect-Surface copper conductors
  • Metal-layer Noise-Dissipation System
  • Cold-welded connections
  • Foamed polyethylene insulation
  • Perfectly matched for Sprout’s inputs