PowerPort Classic

The Power Port is a high-end AV grade AC receptacle that will make a significant contribution to your system’s performance.

PowerPort Classic

The Power Port is a high-end AV grade AC receptacle that will make a significant contribution to your system’s performance.

At the heart of everything we do with AC power is the interface between our equipment and our power sources; the AC receptacle. Unfortunately, standard AC receptacles are made from cheap brass that does not provide the best levels of conductivity. The Power Port™ is a custom built, isolated ground, 15 to 20 amp receptacle that will insure a life-long level of excellence and superior conductivity. The Power Port exceeds hospital grade for grip strength, contact resistance and current delivery. Easy to install in your wall, this is one component you need in your listening room. 15 coats of polished nickel over high-purity brass, with the “grip of Mickey Mantle” and polished nickel plated hardware, this a must have in your system.



The Power Port contacts are cast from the highest purity non-ferrous material available: pure OFC copper and beryllium to maintain excellent grip. The OFC copper contacts are then plated with a high phosphor electroless nickel coating, free from flux-density and power supply issues. nce the electroless nickel plating has been added to the OFC copper connectors, each Power Port goes through a final step before insertion into the body of the receptacle. Each contact is hand polished to improve the surface smoothness and hence an increase in surface area and better conductivity. The main body of the Power Port is a UL approved polycarbonate material while the front cover of the Power Port is a glass fiber filled high temperature nylon, both excellent dielectrics.


Power Port AC receptacles should replace any standard wall outlets connected to your stereo or home theater system. To install a Power Port takes about 10 minutes. Turn off the power to the outlet. Remove the cover plate. Remove the two screws affixing the existing receptacle and pull the receptacle out from the box. Using a Phillips screwdriver, simply disconnect the wires from the existing plug and place them on the Power Port. Reverse the removal procedure and you are done. Not only will the Power Port ensure that your system will always be provided with as much power as your listening habits require, but it will also give you peace of mind that your AC wall plug is no longer the weak-link in your power chain.


What's In Your Walls?
Why AC Receptacles Matter
You spent a great deal of time, money and personal effort building a great sounding music or home theater setup and in all likelihood, you’re feeding it less than great power. Everything we see and hear in our AV systems starts out as raw AC power. The unrestricted quality of that power has a great deal to do with the performance quality of our systems. Garbage in, garbage out. If you're serious about sound and video quality, replacing your home's cheap brass power receptacles is the first step. The Power Port is among the finest AC receptacles made. Hospital grade, and using high purity copper with 15 coats of polished nicer as conductors, the Power Port is a must have in a high-performance system.
Most every home in the US and Canada has a 15 amp duplex NEMA socket in the wall. Some have 20 amp versions, most have 15 amp varieties, but all are basically the same. These receptacles are constructed out of low-grade brass with very little care as evidenced in their purchase price of under $1.00. They are very poorly built, have poor grip, lower surface area and tend to build up oxidation "barnacles" on the untreated brass, which hampers connectivity. Poor connectivity and loss of surface area from the contacts interacting with airborne pollution spells audible degradation for audio systems and increased visible noise for video systems.
AC power is the source for everything we see and hear through our media systems. Whether a 2-channel audio setup or a multi-channel home theater, AC power supplies everything needed to bring music and pictures into our homes. The quality of that raw power impacts our system's performance. Just as cables make a difference, so too do the contacts and connectors gluing everything together into a system. The receptacles in our homes are made from cheap brass that will oxidize and over time suffer conductivity issues. These can be helped by constant cleaning, plugging in and out to remove oxidation and airborne pollutants. Or, simple replace with the Power Ports and never worry again.


All the AC receptacles in my home that feed hi-fi components have now been changed over to PS Audio Power Ports.


Art Dudley


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