Whether you’ve got a well-worn audio system or a brand new PS system, our accessories will extract the best performance from it. Our Hi-Fi Specialists will help you select the right accessories for you.

HumZero removes unwanted noise and prevents ground loops in the audio system by means of galvanic isolation.

Sunlight DirectStream DAC & DirectStream Jr Upgrade

Sunlight is the latest operating system for DirectStream DAC and DirectStream Junior (DSJ). Available as a free download or purchase as a pre-loaded card, or USB memory stick (DSJ). Sunlight transforms DirectStream DACs into even higher performance levels yet achieved. Sunlight improves the sound of both Red Book and DSD with the added benefits of…

The Audiophile’s Guide

It’s here! The Audiophile’s Guide. Paul McGowan’s landmark book that along with the Audiophile’s Reference Music disc offers a step-by-step guide to three-dimensional audio from 2-channel speakers. Ever wonder how to get your speakers to disappear? What or how to budget for a system? How to listen? This is the book for you.

Vacuum Tube Puller

Whether you’re freshening up your audio equipment, replacing tired or outdated vacuum tubes, or simply tube rolling to find what sounds the best in your system, this is the perfect tool for the job. Simple to use and effective, the Tube Puller is a necessary tool in an audiophile’s toolkit. Tube pulling, or as it’s…

99% True

It’s 99% True… Paul McGowan tells all (and then some) in this riotous tale of misbegotten success that’s 99% true in all the best ways. From his not-so-innocent youth growing up in the shadow of Disneyland and summer evenings in the innocent 1950s, to his dope-smoking, snake-eating, draft-dodging, loony-bin misadventure through Europe, to his struggles…

Vacuum Tube Replacements

Over time, tubes lose some of their life and can begin to sound dull. Under normal usage, you might notice these changes after one to two years. If you need a replacement pair or just want to have a back-up pair, we can provide you with a hand matched pair of tubes for your BHK…

PerfectWave DAC Upgrade Kit

Product of the year! The DirectStream DAC is a remarkable new pure DSD instrument that brings forth details in the music you may have never heard before.  Whether you’re playing CDs, downloaded high resolution files or DSD at an rate, the DirectStream DAC converts them all to 10x DSD and outputs pure high resolution analog at its output. The DirectStream DAC replaces the PerfectWave DAC MKII.  Owners of PerfectWave DACS can upgrade these products to a new DirectStream with the purchase of this DirectStream upgrade kit.  The kit enables users to perform the upgrade process themselves and when finished the upgraded PerfectWave DAC is sonically identical to the actual DirectStream DAC.  Differences between an upgraded PerfectWave DAC and a DirectStream DAC is the improved IR sensor for the remote control found only on the DirectStream and the DirectStream nomenclature on the front panel. The kit is easy to install and all the tool necessary are included. If you are uncomfortable doing the work yourself, PS Audio is happy to do the work for you if you cover the round trip shipping costs via FedEx and a small handling charge. If you wish us to perform the upgrade please choose the kit plus shipping choice.  Installation services must be scheduled and are available only in the United States.


Noise Harvester

Convert powerline noise into harmless light. The Noise Harvester reduces unwanted noise and helps clean your AC power.

PowerPort Classic

The Power Port Classic is our AV Grade high-end AC receptacle that is the starting point for any properly built system. By installing the Power Port AC receptacle in your room you gain an immediate improvement in performance over a standard wall receptacle.

Dectet AC Power Conditioner

The Dectet Power Center is built to power and fully protect your entire system with improved dynamics, increased harmonic integrity and an open spacious soundstage that can be breathtaking. Ten individually hand wired Power Port outlets, three isolated zones and all available at a price you can afford.

Bridge II Network Card

The new PS Audio Bridge II makes high-end fun again and connects DirectStream or PerfectWave DACs over the home network. This is the best sounding music input on a PS Audio DAC, better than even USB. Bridge II offers gapless play, stable performance, lower jitter and the freedom to enjoy digital audio collections, either PCM or DSD,…


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