User Reviews - Stellar M700 Amplifiers

They are a revelation!

I have had the 700's for several months now and all I can say is..."WOW!" Even after the burn in period at PS Audio, that was not the end of the burn in process. It's taken a few more months and I don't even know now if they will continue to do this. However, I can't tell you enough of what these amps have done for me in terms of detail and no compression of sound in loud passages of music/film. For me, they are a revelation! It's only been in the last month or so that actors, orchestras, soloists have exited the speakers and are in my home theater room! The Maggies are so much more in richness and dynamics that I really can't believe it! I had a gut feeling prior to purchasing them that I was in for something very special and that's putting it mildly! I've received Paul's emails over the years and actually this was a blind purchase but the price was certainly right for each of the six amps and the trade in of my Carver 7 channel amp was financially sufficient enough that the value given me would cover one and a half of the 700's!


I just replaced my Parasound Halo A21 amp with your M700's. All of my electronics are now PS Audio: BHK pre, P5 power conditioner, memory player, Direct Stream DAC, and now the m700”s. Each new piece marked an improvement in my system. But the addition of the amp took my system into some place magical. When I read equipment reviews, I am often skeptical of the claims therein. I have to say that the level of musical engagement was so palpable as to defy belief. There was great clarity and even 3-dimensionality with the PArasound, but the M700's brought something else into the field. It is almost impossible for me to hear my music and not want to move with it. That is the way I feel at a club or a concert hall. Now it is in my living room. Every one of my friends who have heard my system as I have slowly built it has been impressed, but the final handshake between all your components is something beyond my explanation. Obviously, I am a fan, but there are times when you need to give praise for the efforts and dedication that you people bring to your products. Bravo!