User Reviews - Stellar M1200 Amplifiers

Stellar M1200 Mono Beta Test

I couldn't help myself, I had to listen rather than wait for them to settle in. And boy, am I glad I did even at this early stage. As I went through my various playlists in Roon, popped a few CDs, and a vinyl or two I found myself being impressed with the sound. If I had to pick a few words to describe what I was experiencing “Effortless” and “A lot of meat on this bone” and “Increased depth and separation” kept coming back to me. I found myself sitting there for several hours more than what I had initially planned on. I believe we are off to a fantastic start! Will post more soon.

Drawn Into The Music

After a mere 12 hours of overnight burn in via streaming SOMA FM's Groove Salad channel at normal listening volume, and volume matching pink noise within 1 dB of my current rig, I began serious listening. The first telling thing I can say is that despite my analytical intentions of writing detailed notes, I instead found myself immediately drawn into the music. I put the pen down and was struck by the involved and yet relaxed presentation. It was pressing all my buttons. Timbres and harmonic structures were accurate and balanced. Dynamic. Excellent imaging and deep wide soundstage. Deep textured bass. Excellent inner detail and ambience recovery and decay without exaggeration. Overall impression is incredibly smoooth and enjoyable. But don't interpret this comment to mean that these amps are boring or that they lack excitement. They easily made Frank Sinatra's 1952 “Only The Lonely” ballads sound powerful, full of life, and emotionally gripping. Bravo! So, more about the music.