User Reviews - aspen FR30 Loudspeakers

Really amazing speakers

I have to say, that was the most beautiful sounding room at the whole event. The PS Audio FR30 were filling that big room perfectly, full, precise, never bright, great imaging. Really amazing speakers for 30k. At the same event there were even more expensive speakers, some were ok, some pretty bad. Some were so bright and sibilant that I couldn't stay in the room more than 10 seconds!

They sound just as elegant as they look!

Absolutely amazing, they sound just as elegant as they look!


I just heard the FR 30 at the excellent Mala Audio here in Norway, and my jaw dropped. It was one of those “WTF is that?” moments, pardon my french. The way those speakers grabbed your attention was something else. Probably the most impressive speakers I have heard, also compared to much more expensive offerings. They didn't seem to be super dependent on room treatment either to sound good since the room they played in weren't treated much yet - but it was a fairly large room. Though they looked a bit too big for my listening room, especially being in Europe where our listening rooms/houses are a bit smaller compared to the US typically, so I am hopefully looking forward to try out the FR20s. I usually don't buy into hyperbole but well done Chris, Paul and rest of the PS Audio team. I hope you continue to bring out products down the line so many people can enjoy your offerings.

I haven't heard much that can.....

The stories of the development, and all of the hyperbole that Paul seems to mention about them are absolutely deserved. These are truly world class speakers, capable of awesome dynamics, completely full range, detailed, and really disappear in the room. They were revealed delicate details in the middle of a mix while being powerful at the same time. I haven't heard much that can do what these do, even for 6 figures. Very well done PS audio, congratulations on a great new product!

They look even better in real life

I listened to the FR30 for half an hour, playing different tracks, and I can tell you right away that this is an amazingly good sounding and balanced speaker. All instruments and voices sound very natural, there is nothing pointing out, and the sound is seamless from bottom to top. When I sat down in front of the speakers I immediately start listening to the music instead of listening to the gear or any defect in the sound. This tells me that the design of the speakers is very balanced and natural sounding. Not too much/less bass, midrange and top was airy and open with no edge. Speakers disappeared and the sound stage was wide and big, between and outside of the speakers. The system together with the FR30 sounded amazing, it was just like I had a band playing live in front of me.

They look even better in real life

Very impressive! They were extremely clean sounding with exceptional imaging/soundstaging. Instruments sounded truly like the real thing. There was a true to life relaxed quality to the sound rather than the tendency of hyper detailed speakers like Magico to sound a little sterile. They certainly sounded a lot better than my 20 year old Vandersteen 5s (it would be fun and more appropriate to compare the FR30 to 5A Carbon or Kento). We even cranked it very loud on one or two tracks, not something I normally do, and there was no compression or distortion. A good demonstration of the clarity and lack of distortion.

Absolutely stunning

CONGRATULATIONS!!! They look absolutely stunning and 'OMG' bass is something you PRAY to come out of a reviewer's mouth! Congrats.. I imagine this product had a long, meticulous gestation period!

Music just explodes out of them

They are also remarkably unfazed by placement and room nodes. They just don't seem to interact or excite a room at all, almost as if they exist in their own void. I've played around with a lot speakers around this price point and only the very best designs are able to achieve this. The other thing that amazes me is the way they untangle complex strands of music, enabling the listener to focus in on individual lines, whilst still maintaining the overall coherency of a musical piece. They are not in any way “boxy”. Music just explodes out of them way beyond the confines of the box and they are very “tuneful”.