User Reviews - Aspen FR10 Loudspeakers

So much from such a compact speaker!

They didn't take more than about an hour to setup from the time the FedEx guy dropped them off at my door. I put them where the old ones were and wow! Easy and with great results. I am sending my speakers in on trade.

Hard to believe

Very impressive! These are clean, and big sounding. When I close my eyes I cannot even tell where the speakers are. Easy set up and even my wife thinks they look good.

They sound huge

I listened to the FR30 at PS Audio and they were amazing. But, I can't fit them into my room (and can't afford them). The FR10s in my room sound just like I remember the 30s. I couldn't be happier. The bass is really amazing and I don't think I need a subwoofer but Paul always says I do.

I like they are not shiny

I really love the way the new FR10s look in my room. I have a smaller family room where I put them and they look great. I'm not so much into that glossy look so these are perfect. And they sound excellent.

I am very impressed with their openness and the deep bass. Hard to believe they would make that much bass from such a small enclosure. Even my wife likes them. :)

Barry M.

Better than my Focals

I was really concerned the FR10 wouldn't live up to the Focals but they are now on their way to PS as a trade in. They were great but too sharp in the upper midrange and I wanted something that just played music. The Aspens are cool. They really rock.