Specifications - Stellar Strata MK2


 Color Options Black
Voltage Options Japan 100V (+/-10%)
North America 120V (+/-10%)
Europe/Asia 230V (+/-10%)
Mains Power Input IEC C14
Fuses T250V-250mAH (1/4A Slow Blow)
Accessories Included Remote Control
Line Cord:
- US, JP and EX (NEMA 5-15P)
- Schuko (CEE7/7) (230V version)
- UK (BS1363) (230V version)
- Australia (230V version)
Analog Audio Inputs RCA: 2 stereo pairs
XLR: 1 stereo pair
Phono Inputs MM RCA: 1 stereo pair
MC RCA: 1 stereo pair
Digital Audio Inputs I2S: 2 inputs
- PCM 44.1KHz to 384Khz, DSD64, DSD128, DSD256
Coax: 2 inputs
- PCM 44.1KHz - 192KHz
Optical: 1 input
- PCM 44.1kHZ - 192KHz
USB: 1 input
- PCM 44.1kHZ - 384KHz
- DSD64, DSD128 (native)
- DSD64, DSD128 (DoP)
Audio Outputs RCA (Unbalanced): 1 stereo pair
Headphones: 1 1/4" stereo
Speakers: 2 binding post pairs
Other Trigger Out: 2 3.5mm, 5-15 DVC
USB A: 1 (for firmware update)



 Unit Dimensions 17" w x 2.8" h (not including feet) x 13.5" d (with
connectors and knobs, chassis only is 12")
[43.2cm x 7.1cm x 34.3cm]
Weight 22" w x 8" h x 17" d
[55.9cm x 20.3cm x .4.3cm]
Shipping Dimensions 22" w x 8" h x 17" d
[55.9cm x 20.3cm x .4.3cm]
Shipping Weight 25 lbs [11.4 kg]



 Location Indoor use only
Storage Temperature -30 to 70C
Operating Temperature 0 to 45C



 Input Selection 9 total: 2 analog, 6 digital, 1 Phono
Volume Control 0-100 (80 dB total range)
Balance Control 12dB each direction in 1/4dB steps
Fixed Volume Mode Analog2: adjustable in setup to any level
Phase Control Digital sources only
Filter Control 3 selectable digital filters (PCM digital sources only)
Input Trim Gain adjustable per input +/-10dB
Headphone Trim Gain adjustable +/-10dB relative to speaker level



Analog Inputs

 Input Separation >85dB
Input Impedance 47KΩ (unbalanced); 100KΩ (balanced)
Maximum Input Level >16 VRMS


Phono Input

 Cartridge/Type MM MC
Gain 40dB 57dB
Loading 100pF/47kΩ 470pF/100Ω
THD+N .001% @ 5mV input .003% @1mV input


Analog Output

 Output Impedance Line Out 100Ω
Gain Volume=100
6dB +/- 0.5dB


Main (Speaker) Out

 Gain (relative to line output) 30.5dB
Output Power 8Ω, 1KHz, 1% 100W minimum
4Ω, 1KHz, 1% 150W typical
Frequency Response +/-1dB 20Hz – 20KHz
-3dB 7Hz – 40KHz
THD+N 1KHz, 10W/4Ω 0.02%
IMD 18/19KHz -65dB
Speaker Impedance 4Ω minimum
Output Impedance 50Hz 150 mΩ typical
Damping Factor 50Hz, 4Ω 29
Sensitivity @76 1.77 VRMS
@100 450 VRMS
Channel Separation 1KHz >90dB


Headphone Output

 Gain (relative to line output) 16.5dB
Output Power 300Ω, 1KHz, 1%300mW
16Ω, 1KHz, 1% 3.25W
Frequency Response +/-1dB 7Hz – 40KHz
THD 1KHz, 1 VRMS 300Ω <0.02%
                           16Ω <0.02%
S/N Ratio 1KHz >110dB (max output)
Output Noise < -90dBV
Headphone Impedance 8Ω minimum
Output Impedance <4 Ω



 Input Voltage US 108—132VAC (120VAC nominal)
EX/GR/UK/AU 207—253VAC (230VAC nominal)
JP 90—110VAC (100VAC nominal)
Power Consumption Idle 20W
Typical 50W
Maximum 600W