Industry Reviews - Stellar S300 Amplifier

The result of all these strengths gives the S300 a beautiful voice which mates well with the variety of upstream gear we had on hand for testing. It holds its own against components that exceed its price tag. This PS Audio component deserves a spot on a short list of bargain amps that perform beyond what one should expect for the money. After a few weeks with the S300 in my reference system, I must admit I am smitten with it. I applaud PS Audio's new approach to circuit design bringing together the benefits of both Class A and Class D technology.

Tone Audio

The Stellar DAC/Pre-Amp/Power Amplifier filled my listening room with 3D sound, and they matched well with each of my speakers; the floor standing Audio Physic Tempos, the stand mounted Platinum Audio ST 1's and the low-to-the ground Mission 727s. I was surprised how different they made each sound and I spent a great deal of time swapping out my Parasound Halo 2.1 integrated amplifier, Bel Canto s300 integrated amplifier to make sure I wasn't fooling myself. And, yes, I was hearing something new and more evocative from my usual suspects.

HiFi Pig

Folks, this is the future. We have heard vast improvements of Class D amplifiers during the last 10 years, and we are at or near the point where the technology is largely irrelevant to the final sound. The sound of audio components is more dependent on the implementation than on the underlying technology. The PS Audio Stellar S300 gets so close to perfection that the low purchase price is an out-of-this-world value. The PS Audio Stellar S300 adds nothing objectionable while delivering wonderful musical performances.

10 Audio

The PS Audio Stellar S300 stereo amplifier is a terrific performer and an affordable option for those wishing to upgrade from a receiver or integrated amplifier to separates. It's not often that an audio product exhibits such high-end performance at such an affordable price, but the S300 hits it out of the park on both counts and has high-end build quality to boot. It's the perfect amp for someone looking to enter the world of separates for two-channel playback in a small to medium-sized room while avoiding the typical high-end separates price tag.

Future Audiophile

They sounded so good together I couldn't bring myself to try too many other speakers. The sound was rich with resolution to die for. Magnepan speakers aren't known for their deep bass punch, but here with the two Stellars the .7 speakers' low bass was kicking with "The Legendary Skatalites in Dub" reggae album with really low, feel-it-through-your-toes bass. Austin Wintory's orchestral score for "The Banner Saga" sounded downright huge, and the low bass drums definition was truly stellar!