Industry Reviews - PerfectWave SACD Transport

The sonic superiority of the PerfectWave was evident within moments of hitting Play and hearing Chet Baker's floppy vocals from the soundtrack to Let's Get Lost. All of his spit, wit, and loose-toothed wisdom entered the Barn's space as if nothing stood in between the recording and me but air.

Twittering Machines

The PerfectWave SACD Transport was consistently better than the other transports I threw against it in almost every category. It took my digital front end to a level I did not know it was capable of. Limitations that I previously thought were inherent in the Redbook format were significantly reduced, primarily in the areas of soundstage depth and the resolution of low-level detail. What it does for Redbook CDs may be worth the price of admission in itself. I spent many a night listening to CDs I have heard many times. With the PST they were more revealing and engaging than I have heard before. Add to that the access to the DSD layer on your SACDs and you have quite a package as a source for your system.

The Audio Beatnik

Although audio streaming is good, there is nothing like listening to digital music with the PS Audio PerfectWave SACD Transport in the chain. SACD (DSD) is on another level for digital listening. So I squeezed every ounce of music from Redbook and SACD (DSD) by using the PST connected to the PS Audio DirectStream DAC.

Stereo Times