Industry Reviews - P15

I was shocked at how many albums in the junk bin became much more enjoyable. The amount of low level detail revealed by clean power is incredible. That alone is worth the price asked of the P15. Imagine getting another thousand LPs for free that you now love. What's that worth to you?

Tone Audio

Living in downtown NYC, the juice that flows from my outlets varies literally from hour to hour. Voltage spikes and sags have been measured with deviations that vary from moderate to, "That can't be right." [With my demanding Class A amps] I needed two P20s, along with the P15 to handle all the other components' power needs. The effect of all this effort to deliver clean AC power was not subtle. Every aspect of the sound is touched, elevated, and refined. Everything we seek in great sound, dimension, depth and space, color, dynamics, transparency, and detail are boosted in seeming equal parts….. Space and dimension are bolstered by the quiet and greater contrast between, and around each bit of sound. All the small incremental improvements add up to what is essentially art in the form of reproduced music. The P20 and P15 series products connect live and reproduced sound in a way that cannot be achieved any other way if dirty power is a culprit, and dirty power is almost always a culprit. If you are planning to build a great system, addressing the very element that brings these inanimate boxes to life, these products should be a priority. Your music will thank you.

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