Industry Reviews - BHK Preamplifier

In the BHK Signature preamplifier, Bascom H. King has designed, and PS Audio has built, an outstanding performer. It possesses the top-quality fit and finish that one would expect to get for $5999. Its sound was beautiful and alive, re-creating three-dimensional soundstages that were the largest I've heard in my room. Its excellent clarity of sound let me easily decipher even the most complex music, its bass was superbly firm, deep, and controlled, and its treble extension was clear and articulate.


PS Audio's BHK Signature preamp is one of the finest audio components I've had in my home. It didn't raise the dead, but it could conjure in my listening room the spirits of dead musicians, or fine facsimiles thereof. It didn't solve my problems, but it could sure distract me from them—and, with the right recordings, even trigger catharsis or philosophical insight.


What the PS Audio BHK Signature Preamplifier brings to the table is a significant achievement. For me, it seals the deal, and I believe it will satisfy audiophiles on both sides of the aisle (digital versus analog, tubes versus solid state), and those in between. Taking into consideration its price, simplicity of use, extraordinary quality of sound, design and features such as an included internal headphone amp, I must honestly say, 'There is no preamp like this preamp'. Very highly recommended.


Synergy and magic. Right now here in our listening room...Way deeper bass, way more open, way less whatever being in the way of our music… way more music. Dynamics… try My Disco's "1991" or anything from Lustmord. Happy times.

Positive Feedback

...the Signature is the most transparent and neutral of the active preamps, giving added life and expression, but otherwise stepping out of the way of the music. Bottom line, the PS Audio BHK Signature Preamplifier is the ultimate witness to the music: It tells the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth!

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