Parting Shot

Chicago Boogie

Issue 119

Summer CES 1993, taken before The Mondial Experience jam session and party. For a few years, former audio manufacturer Mondial Designs would rent a club or big room, supply a full stage and ask people in the high-end audio industry who were musicians to get onstage and play. Hundreds of people would be invited and Mondial supplied the free food and drinks, so much revelry ensued.


Those in the band and their affiliations at the time: Back row – Elliot Kanshin Kallen (The Tweak Shop), Tony Federici (Mondial), Bob Reina (The Absolute Sound), John Atkinson (Stereophile), Michael Fremer (The Absolute Sound), Allen Perkins (Immedia). Front row – Paul Rosenberg (Mondial), Corey Greenberg (Stereophile), Frank Doris (The Absolute Sound), Steven Stone (Stereophile). In the band but not shown – Rob Sample (Paradigm), Neil Sinclair (Theta Digital) and Roland Marconi (Mondial).


Sadly, Tony, Bob and Paul are no longer with us. RIP.


Photo by Allen Perkins.

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