More rarities from The Audio Classics Collection: a pair and a spare of McIntosh MC 3500 hybrid mono power amps, atop a pair of McIntosh ML4C loudspeakers. Not only were the amps good enough for home use, they were fit to be used by the Grateful Dead in live performances. The 5-way ML4C has four 12-inch woofers, an 8-inch lower-midrange driver, two 1-1/2-inch soft-dome midrange units and two 2-1/4-inch tweeters. It needed an MQ101 or MQ102 equalizer for flat low-frequency response.


A close up of one of the MC 3500 amps. 125 pounds of sonic brawn with 350 watts continuous power output and a stated output impedance capability down to 1 ohm.


We’ll bet this didn’t win any graphic design awards. Elektra Records catalog insert, 1958 – 1959, featuring artists from Theodore Bikel and Josh White to…Gene and Francesca?


I never did this. I mean, who listened to Mantovani back then? Pioneer ad, circa late 1970s.


We suppose “depth” is relative. From the Columbia “Listening in Depth” series of ads, 1957 – 1958.

2 comments on “Big Macs”

  1. McIntosh had some interesting speaker design ideas incorporated into the ML series. The most striking is that the woofers were designed to optimize transient response, not bass output. To get the bass balanced, they added a dedicated EQ. To understand that bass transient reproduction is a contributor to good sound is remarkable given the state of speaker design back then. Too bad time aligned drivers and low order crossover weren’t around for another 10 years.

  2. Good morning Frank!
    Very surprisingly, I own a Mcintosh MQ-107 equalizer.
    But however, the gain on one channel, is slightly higher then the other.
    And also, it’s kind of hard to balance both channels correctly because of that.
    But one of these days, I will either send it out to a repair shop, or send it to Mcintosh and pay them to fix the problem for me.
    But I did read an article about a preamp that has an FM stereo tuner on it, that was made in the early to mid sixties.
    I don’t remember the mottle of it, but baste on what I read about this Mcintosh preamp/tuner, I wish I had one of those jimbes!

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