PS Audio founder and CEO, Paul McGowan, writes a daily blog: short, informative, fun, often controversial, but always interesting. Subjects range from personal stories, how to setup your system, news of the day, streaming, vinyl, tubes, transistors, loudspeakers, holographic imaging and more. Kind of like the Car Talk of audio. Not much is sacred, and there’s rarely a mention of our own products.

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Paul's Posts

Closet Gearheads

Paul McGowan

Do you love music or the gear that reproduces it more?

Breaking the rules

Paul McGowan

Following the rules is safe but boring. It's true in life and in design.

1/2 the answer

Paul McGowan

The internet formed the seeds of destruction for the music industry but they also contains the seeds of success.

Meeting expectations

Paul McGowan

There's nothing more disappointing than having your high expectations for something not met. We write about three examples of interest

My first time

Paul McGowan

I'll never forget it, Edgar Winter's Frankenstein out of the JBL's was so lifelike that my jaw dropped. I have never been the same.

Why am I writing daily posts?

Paul McGowan

It's frightening for me to make a daily commitment to write something of interest but I think every bit helps to bring us together in the high-end