Zuill Bailey

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Zuill Bailey
Man oh man alive, have we got something amazing to delight your ears. World-famous Grammy-winning cellist, Zuill Bailey, sat down alone in the massive Mesa Arts Center's sonic wonder-hall and played his heart out for Octave Records. Prepare to be amazed. The instrument, the performer, and this recording are musical treasures Zuill's one-of-a-kind cello was built when Johann Sebastian Bach was but 14 years old. In itself, it is a treasure. When in the hands of the master, magic happens. This once-in-a-lifetime recording was captured in pure DSD and is now available as a double SACD/CD/download. The entire Bach Cello Suites. This is one collection you must own. If you're already clued in to this magical masterpiece, click here to grab a copy before they vanish. If you're unfamiliar with Zuill and this masterpiece, click here to watch the video, itself a treasure to behold. Whatever you do, do not miss out on this amazing work of art. Available right now on Octave Records.
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Founder & CEO

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