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Wrong messages

Sitting in my hotel room in England, catching up on the emails and notifications, reading the many comments on my YouTube videos.

There seems to be a common thread that happens when I say something like the sound is so much better than before

The comments thread is almost always a combination of support, rejection, and disbelief. Support because we're pretty certain manufacturers don't launch new products that sound worse. Rejection because, after all, how can something always be better? And disbelief because that's just what we do.

These patterns and their authors are as predictable as I must be to them.

Logically, what would motivate me to make a video and report to folks we just launched a new product and guess what? It sounds worse! That makes no sense from several aspects but chief amongst them is this—in the development process of any new product there's always failures and dead ends. Many times worse until we suss out the problems and polish the successes. 

We only launch finished projects that have gone through the wringer and come out on the others side as better than the last.

That's what we call progress.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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