Wringing emotions

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Wringing emotions

The finest in music and the arts wring emotions and connects to our inner beings in ways that are hard to imagine living without. If my soul isn't touched for a very long time I feel disconnected and sans family. It's then I turn to music.

Music's a quick and repeatable connection. I can be brought to tears or filled with joy in three minutes or less in music's company. It can take a few days of reading or an hour with a film to get a similar connection and then rarely does it work a second time.

And in the same way that a beautiful book or an excellent cinema brings me closer to the work than a Kindle or television can, a great sound system is a better emotional conduit than a mediocre system from Best Buy.

If wringing every last drop of emotion from music is our goal, it's incumbent on us to build the best reproduction chain we know how to put together.

There's nothing quicker and more satisfying to me than connecting with music.

And likewise, nothing quite so distancing as the same reproduced poorly.

We should always treat our emotional connections with the greatest of respect.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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