Wild berries

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Wild berries
Wild berries and homegrown tomatoes burst with flavor unavailable in the supermarket. Like the difference between the food from a corporately sanitized restaurant vs. the daring creations of a street-food vendor, it's often the smaller innovator that delights us most. Not all of us are comfortable with venturing out from the safety of the regular kind. Buying produce from the farmer's market is riskier than from the safety of the supermarket. In audio, it's often more comforting to just head down to the dealer and say, "sign me up!" For the adventurous few, the opportunity to cobble together a unique amalgam of speakers, electronics, and cables is a juicy alternative to what everyone else is doing. Not all of us are comfortable with new and different. For the bold few willing to throw caution to the wind, there's a chance at wonderfulness.
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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