Why Jitter Matters

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As we progress through our story of the world's first high-end audio jitter storage tank, the Digital Lens, introduced in the mid 1990's, I thought you might enjoy watching a few videos on the subject to help you get versed in Why Jitter Matters and The Audible Effects of Jitter. Click on either of those links and you'll be brought to our YouTube Channel page. There, PS Audio's consulting digital audio expert, Ted Smith, shares with us some insights into jitter and why it matters and how it sounds. I promise you'll enjoy his talks. I'll be publishing more of these videos on our YouTube Channel as time allows. Today, enjoy the videos. Tomorrow, we'll pickup where we left off. I spent all day preparing these videos and as it's Sunday, Terri's got a list of Honey Do's for me to complete. Enjoy.
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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