When we can't we won't

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Everyone, including me, are all a twitter about the possibility that some sub atomic particles might be travelling faster than the speed of light. We each have our view about the validity of this claim - few among us qualified to have an opinion that matters - but none the less the debate will rage for some time. This brings to light a point which I think a lot about: placing fences around what we believe to be true. When we believe we can't, then we won't. I never went to college, I never studied engineering and for many years I felt bad about that. Lately I have been feeling the opposite because as a self taught electronics designer, I went into every project ignorant of what I could not do - and actually did something that wasn't supposed to work. When we put up a protective fence that sets our comfort boundaries we rarely look beyond those self imposed walls and this limits our chances of creating the new and the fresh. I am not advocating skipping higher education unless that education teaches you the comfort of building fences. I am, however, advocating that we understand learned boundaries should always be challenged and questioned if we're to make progress. Tomorrow, I will share with you an idea born out of ignorance.
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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