What if no one showed up?

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What if no one showed up?

We build high-performance audio gear for our community. Without our customers, we wouldn't have much of a business. But what if no one showed up? What if interest in high-end audio suddenly went away?

I'd continue to build for myself. And there's a certain freedom in that thought—a system just for me.

I remember my first pair of do it yourself loudspeakers (after the system I built as a kid). I wasn't trying to make anyone happy but me. They were tall and unwieldy: bulbous with woofers at the bottom, slender and tower-like for the line array of midranges and tweeters near the top. The sides of the speakers were peppered with mid woofers connected to separate amplifiers and controlled by a unique circuit that sent audio to them during dynamic peaks, extending the boundaries of the room.

They weren't perfect speakers. In some respects, they weren't even good. But in the areas they shined they were like a beacon in the dark: orchestral dynamics the likes of which I had not heard then nor since. They met my insatiable desire for unfettered bloom, where the room no longer restrained the music. I was laser focused on one aspect of sound reproduction I never was able to enjoy at home with conventional designs.

They would never have been a commercial success.

We build products we want to have at home, then endow them with a broader reach for those who do show up.

I am glad you're here.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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