What Am I Missing?

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What Am I Missing?

What’s the old gag about making sure you’re not missing anything? The one where you touch four corners of a make-believe cross and say: “wallet, watch, spectacles, testicles”.

Humor aside, I find myself wondering how YouTube audio stars expect us to judge the quality of their equipment through means of an audition.

I mean, my friend Martin sent me a link to a fellow’s whacky over-the-top stereo amplifier using a tube bigger than a breadbox. The presenter was rightfully stoked at showing off this wild looking system and then played a track for the audience.

“See what I mean? Can you hear how great this is?”

No. We can’t. Not without a reference.

I am really struggling here. I get the method of an A/B done in this way. If you’ll recall I have done a few of those on our youtube channel and with great success. But those were A/B comparisons.

“Here, listen to this, make a change, now try again.”

Obvious, clear, makes sense.

So maybe I can get some education from our community as to why people think this is a good idea to simply play something and ask us to judge its sonic merits.

What am I missing?

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