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There are so many choices of equipment to purchase we must use multiple means to select which models matter; some are obvious, others less so. If we're choosing our next power amplifier, for example, we can likely skip the Lepai Stereo amplifier that retails for $27, without giving it a listen. We can also narrow our choices by other means, like wattage. Most loudspeakers work best with at least 50 watts and are happier with more. Still, there are many ways to prune: looks, costs, topology, compatibility. The list is long. Most of us use reviewers, both published and word of mouth, to weed out products. But the problem with weeding is the chance of missing fruit. There are so many wonderful gems that might fit our needs better than anything else, that we need to be careful gardeners. Of course you can always choose products renowned for their musicality and skip all the unfound wealth that might work better, but in the end, you will have to rely upon your inner reviewer's abilities to really know when the choice is right. There are few better feelings than having made the choice, placing the new into your system, and hearing it sing.
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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