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As I reported yesterday the tweeter circuit in the IRSV right channel took a nose dive recently and it wasn't immediately apparent to me. I was speaking with a good friend about this and he was a bit incredulous. "But you have listened to these speakers, that system, more than anyone and you know it intimately. How is it you didn't notice right away?"

I don't know about you but when something's amiss I sometimes work hard convincing myself it is not until I am slapped in the face with reality. I've had flat tires that I wished would just go away, recipes of foods I tried to convince myself were right, the sound of water running in the house I hoped was not a leak. And then the opposite can be true. Sometimes I see or hear things that are wrong within a microsecond and can go no further until they are corrected. Perhaps the old expression of batting at gnats while gagging on whales comes to mind. I wish I knew myself better than I do.

And it has happened to me before. Over the course of a year I have to remember to go to the audiologist and have the wax removed from my ears. Sometimes I remember, other times the world just slowly gets dull sounding as I try and convince myself it isn't happening.

For those concerned about the listening tests with Pikes operating system, fear not. Arnie's system does not suffer this problem, he is a better listener than I and after rebuilding the speaker's crossover, I went back and re-evaluated all decisions I have made in the last 30 days. Funny thing is, none have changed. There's just a lot more highs now!

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