Visual distortion

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Have you ever noticed how much your eyes can distort your hearing? For example, you walk into a room at an audio show and a pair of small speakers are playing. Your eyes tell you their size and your brain fills in the expectation of how they will sound. Small speakers have little bass and small sound. If your ears hear what your eyes first told you to expect, the universe is in order and you move on to the next room.

But what happens when what your ears hear don't match what your eyes see? Then we're amazed. "Wow, how could so much sound come out of such a small box?" Had the speakers been big, you would not be so surprised at the sound because your visual cues would match the audible ones.

Our vision colors our perceptions. It's why many of us prefer to listen in the dark, or close our eyes when we critically listen.

Turning off one sense, heightens the others.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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