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To tweak is to improve something by making small, fine adjustments to it. In other words, we take something that we already like and make it slightly better.

In our world of high-end audio tweaks abound: vibration dampers, cable lifters, tube rings, shorting plugs, green pens.

I bristle when someone suggests a Power Plant AC regenerator is a "tweak". Certainly, a Power Plant makes something better, but it's hardly a "fine adjustment". It fundamentally changes AC power.

I think it's valuable to separate essential and fundamental improvements from those products making only slight adjustments to an existing product.

A record cleaning machine might straddle the center line.

When we're considering investing money into our systems we should be aware of the balance scales. Do we invest in a tweak or a fundamental improvement?

I think this is a subject worthy of further discussion.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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