Tree blossoms

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Tree blossoms

The blossoms are budding on the apple trees of our neighbor. Last year it didn't happen. This year we expect a fine crop of crunchy reds.

Blossoms also mean spring and that time of year has a tradition for me. Cleaning. Yeah, I know, the spring cleaning thing where you might want to avoid being home when your spouse gets that look of sleeve rolling, brooms, vacuums and emptying closets.

But for us audiophiles it's time to unplug, rearrange, clean, dress up cables, and make sure all the settings are what we expect. I find Sundays are particularly fine days for system cleaning and tuning and that's how I'll be spending mine.

Like a good car wash, the system never sounded so good until after a spring rout through the cables and cobwebs amassed over winter.

Make sure you unplug every cable and power cord in the system at a minimum. That alone helps a great deal.

Have fun and happy spring!

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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