Time for a laugh?

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Time for a laugh?
Copper Magazine's cover artist, Bob D'Amico sent me this list of tongue-in-cheek quips that made me laugh. Yes, the pandemic is horrible but maybe we have a moment to poke a little fun at ourselves?
1. So let me get this straight, there’s no cure for a virus that can be killed by sanitizer and hand soap?
2. Is it too early to put up the Christmas tree yet? I have run out of things to do.
3. When this virus thing is over with, I still want some of you to stay away from me.
4. If these last months have taught us anything, it’s that stupidity travels faster than any virus on the planet, particularly among politicians and bureaucrats.
5. Just wait a second – so what you're telling me is that my chance of surviving all this is directly linked to the common sense of others? You’re kidding, right?
6. Another Saturday night in the house and I just realized the trash goes out more than me.
7. Remember when you were little and all your underwear had the days of the week on them? Those would be helpful right now.
8. It may take a village to raise a child, but I swear it’s going to take a whole vineyard to home school one.
9. Did a big load of pajamas so I would have enough clean work clothes for this week.
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