Through the open window

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We are taking a few days off and enjoying the quiet of Carmel California.

Last night we're walking by a hotel and through an open window I hear the sound of a live piano. The folks I am with hear the same thing and comment on the fact it's live.

How is it we can tell something is live vs. recorded and reproduced from a distance and through a window? What is so different between the sound of live music vs. the sound of live music recorded and reproduced?

I find it fascinating and have some thoughts about the answers to this question - thoughts that may surprise you.

I'll write about them in future posts but in the meantime, here's a question to ponder.

If the music you hear through the open window is not from an acoustic instrument - like a piano - but instead is amplified through a small PA system, are there any differences to be heard between live and recorded? Both are reproduced through an amplified chain.

Give it some thought. I believe the answer is yes and that any one of us could tell f it were live or recorded.

Even through an open window.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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