The winding journey

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The winding journey

How many times have you worked your tail off to understand something new or get something to work, only to find out the answer turned out to be simple?

Doh! "If only I had known that in the first place!" Well, you probably couldn't have know "that" in the first place unless you undertook the journey to discover how simple it was. And, like the Beatles classic song, journeys are often long and winding roads.

And here's the thing about roads and journeys: it's the trip itself that gets you where you need to go.

Yes, sometimes you can find the answer in a book or from a friend, but more often than not it's the self-journey through troubled waters (to use more musical metaphors) that has the most value to us.

You didn't know much about stereo equipment when you started down this path.

It was (and is) the journey that brings to each of us the greatest insights: how to position those speakers, how and why cables matter, why more powerful amps matter. what difference a preamp makes.

See you along the way!

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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