The price of skill

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The price of skill
I have always been fascinated by the skill required to make good bread. With but only four ingredients (water, flour, salt, and leaven) hundreds of different bread types can be created. The difference between loaves is all in the skill. The same can be true designing audio electronics though the list of ingredients is considerably greater. Using the same bag of parts, different designers craft different sounding and performing circuits. How does one judge the level of skill employed to produce the next piece of audio gear? In the same way we judge bread: the look, feel, smell, and taste. We employ our senses to judge the outcome. If you listen to the work of an audio designer that's invested decades mastering the art of audio engineering you can have some measure of confidence they know what they are doing. First time designers sometimes get it right, but more often than not, it's worth paying the price for skill earned over a lifetime of work.
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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