The perfect blend

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The perfect blend

When working with sweeteners and spices, the perfect blend makes magic.

A little less, and it's bland.

A little more, and it's overblown.

In electronic design, one can play with input devices to get the sonic flavors just right: a bipolar front end is crisp and clean with a hint of stridency that must be dealt with further down the line. Change to a JFET front end, and we get rounded edges and sweet sound with a hint of softness that must be dealt with further down the line.

With loudspeakers, the choice of drivers and how they are crossed over has to complement the overall performance. A great tweeter may not be able to go down in frequency low enough to meet the upper end of the woofer: sacrifice the tweeter for a different one or change the woofer?

When sonics matter, the design choices we make must not be too far in any one direction lest we over-sweeten or under-salt the mix.

Good taste, like good sound, is a perfect blend.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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