The normal myth

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The normal myth

How many times have you wished for just the normal kind? You know, the one like everyone else has: the standard room, the normal and accepted procedure, the one everyone else is happy with.

Normalized standards are references from which everything else is judged. We can have better or worse.

Standards touch most of the bases.

They are the average.

When a loudspeaker designer has to decide how their product will sound in the room, what room should they choose? A normal room. A standard room.

Chances are good neither you nor I have standard or normal rooms. Ours are different and thus it is incumbent on us to tweak and change setup and equipment choices to optimize the loudspeakers to better fit and match our un-standard, un-normal rooms.

Normal is nothing to strive for.

It almost never exists.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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