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I often write today's post yesterday, then schedule its release early in the morning. This prompts concerned emails from readers wondering if I ever sleep. And yes, I do. Eight good ones a night. But, thank you for your concern.

Today, which will be yesterday when you read this, is set up day at Axpona. It's a day most of you never get to see or experience. And, that's both good and bad. Good, because it's a lot of work you don't have to do. Bad, because many of you might enjoy the setup process. We have one day to convert a hotel room into a display area and listening room.

We're more fortunate than many smaller companies. My wife Terri has spent weeks laying out the room and designing its look—a task I once did poorly. When she's finished the place looks amazing. My only job is the stereo set up.

This year we have what looks like a decent room for sound. It's not a square and it's not shaped too oddly, as hotel rooms often are. We'll set the Golden Ear Tritons 1/3 the way from the front wall, slightly off center, and then line the equipment up on racks.

The first few notes of music tell me instantly what level of trouble I am in: dialing it in or rearranging everything.

If you're in Schaumburg Illinois this weekend, please do stop by and have a snack or drink on us.

We're right outside the big convention area to the left of registration. Journey Creation rooms.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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