The Big Move

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It is done. Finally, after more than a decade and a half of service to us and our guests, Music Room One is officially retired. We emptied her out and handed the keys to her new owners who will soon tear her down to gain new warehouse space. A fleeting structure.

I put together a fun little video showing the entire process of teardown and rebuild you can watch by going here.

There were not only lots of memories in that room but it’s worth noting that every product in PS Audio’s recent history was designed and voiced in that room: every mountaintop, every sonic decision. When I think of the many generations of DACs, amps, transports and products that were shaped and proven in that room it puts a smile on face.

It’s also a place where thousands of visitors have made a pilgrimage to hear what high-performance audio is all about. And that too brings a smile to my face.

Onward and upward. Please know that the new home for the IRSV, Music Room Two, is up and running. Sure, it needs tweaking and polishing and that will take some time—just like it did in Music Room One. But, we’re up and running and open for visitors to once again come and share in the joys of music reproduced properly.

I hope you can visit us when you have time.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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