The art of impurity

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The art of impurity
In a recent comment in response to my video about vinyl, viewer Richard Haggerty wrote:
"Vinyl is a physical medium, having a stylus riding on the surface causing friction. No matter how minimal, it remains no matter what measures you take to eliminate it. It's the laws of physics. This contributes to the feeling of warmth. It's like poetry read by a crackling fireplace. Next is resonance. Again, you can't completely eliminate that either. The vibrating cantilever effects all solid matter making contact in the chain. All this is not a negative. The physical properties are candy to the auditory nerves. It's the art of impurity."
Not only was this a well written, thoughtful comment, but it also sparked something in me. Is there perhaps a measure of truth to what he writes? Is it possible that some of what we hear with vinyl is caused by the friction of the needle rubbing the walls of vinyl—friction that adds a kind of audible bias like a warm blanket following perfectly the music. The art of impurity. What a fascinating concept.
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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