The AirLens

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The AirLens

It's never easy to develop, test, manufacture, and get to market a product. Even the simplest of products go through an extraordinary amount of hoopla to get from the twinkle in a designer's eye to the customer's hands.

And sometimes getting to market with a product can be extra hard with certifications, safety testings, software changes, and parts problems.

Such was the case with the long awaited AirLens. But, the AirLens is now shipping. 

What is an AirLens? Simply put, it's a network streamer. It connects to your home network and with it you can stream Tidal, Qobuz (their streaming app is close!), Spotify, etc. It is also a Roon End point. And, it is fully DLnA and UPnP compatible. Works with JRiver, Audirvana, or as a standalone streamer using your phone or tablet to control it.

What's unique about it? How it performs. Built in to the AirLens is an extraordinary level of isolation between the noisy connection to your network and the quiet-demanding input of your DAC.

Inside the AirLens is also our best Digital Lens reclocking circuit yet.

The bits going in (and their noise) are rejiggered and cleaned to the point of perfection. What your DAC sees (either through it's RCA coax input or its I2S input) is perfectly timed, clean, low jitter digital audio.

And that matters.

A lot.

Head here to learn all about this amazing interface and take one home to hear for yourself the future of streaming.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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