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In yesterday's post we launched the Kickstarter campaign for Sprout, the little integrated amplifier we're hoping will help change the face of high end audio; appealing to perhaps a group of future music lovers and potential audiophiles. Thanks to your help and support we sold out of the first 100 in less than one hour; perhaps a record on Kickstarter? There's plenty left to do. While Sprout is funded and will go forward, the more we can presell the greater its success. If you have friends and people who truly love music and want something with great sound to play it on, encourage them to support Sprout. I appreciate greatly all your help and support with this very worthwhile project. My apologies to our international friends and extended family. Here's the deal. Kickstarter offers us only two choices: in the US or not. At the price Sprout is available for we cannot afford to individually package and send international orders. It was a tough decision. Once we start shipping Sprout we'll make sure to fix that situation so Sprout can set the entire world on fire. Again, thank you.
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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