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While at the Newport High End show we met with mastering engineer Steve Hoffman who has mastered thousands of artists, from Paul McCartney to Frank Sinatra, and has recently become the latest DirectStream DAC devotee. Because we've been speaking of imaging, loudspeakers, tonal quality and depth, as of late, I thought I'd share with you a quick video we made with Ted Smith and Steve Hoffman, two people intimately involved in the creation and reproduction of the music we listen to on our systems. Hoffman's a well known engineer and his website's even more popular, having garnered '341 million hits' by people interested in music, recording, mastering and Steve. Tomorrow I'll post a second interview with yet another DirectStream owner, Cookie Marenco of Blue Coast Records, who also uses DirectStream for the final check that her recording work is done right. While interviewing Cookie we also recorded a live concert in her hotel room (party on!) and I'll post that as well.
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