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This morning I am heading over for the second of the amplifier shootouts to see what kind of progress we've made. On my system it certainly sounds significantly better, but we shall see.

There's been some conversations going on over on our Community Forums about power cables - why do they sound different than stock cables - and perhaps even a bigger question, is that actually true.

There's pretty universal acceptance that signal cables make a difference but the same cannot be said for power cables. Here we have clearly opposing camps of thoughts on the matter: one camp would suggest only the wire gauge (thickness) matters, while other believe everything matters.

Of course you know where we stand on the matter - we make a line of aftermarket power cables.

I thought I'd begin this series with the story of how we built one of the first aftermarket high-end power cables on the market, many, many years ago.

I will tell you up front the entire process was seat of the pants - the only measurements we made that had any meaning were noise related - we tried in vain to measure any differences whatsoever in connected power supplies without any success. I believe the guys over at Shunyata claim to have figured it out from a measurement standpoint and if true, I am impressed

But, perhaps as you follow along with the story, the trials, the tribulations and the results, it may give you a bit of insight into this whole subject that you didn't have before.

See you tomorrow.

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