Staying home

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Staying home
It wasn't that long ago that my purchasing decisions were made mostly in stores. I would figure out what I wanted, search for a retail outlet that carried it, hopped in the car, and hoped for the best. Today it is different. Other than food and clothing, I want to try everything I buy at home. In my own space and at my own pace. Especially HiFi gear. It's nice to read the reviews and get the lowdown of what others think via the forums, but none of that compares to trying it at home. To be sure, this new means of evaluating products is different. And, it can be just a little bit scary. But living with a new piece of stereo kit for a few weeks is, in my opinion, the only true way to know how well it fits into the home and suits your tastes. Does it make you smile to play music? For me, that new DAC or those new speakers are what get me revved up when I turn on the system. Time to explore and enjoy! I am envious of what awaits all our Beta Testers for the DSMK2 they are receiving at home. And for those that grab a pair of FR30s and get excited as they are white glove delivered just where you want them to live. As they say, there's no place like home!
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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