Starting over

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Most of our systems are a collection of components chosen one at a time, added, piece by piece. Certainly mine is.

Rarely do we have a chance to start fresh with a clean slate.

What would yours look like, had you the chance to start over?

Would you repeat the same process: choose your speakers or electronics first, add the other components later, touching up the system with different cables, tuning aids, etc.?

Or, would you plan it out? Researching every component, reading every review, taking notes, asking for advice, making the plunge.

I think each of us might react differently, given the opportunity, and I also think how we would react has a lot to do with our personalities, our worldview.

It's good to give this some thought. The process probably won't lead to a new system, but you just might come up with some interesting thoughts on the subject.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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