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Ok, I've waited a long time to write that. I just couldn't resist. Scott McGowan's 2-year quest to design and build a high-end all-in-one music player for his generation is finally ready for public viewing. No, it's certainly not ready for sale, we have only 10 Sprouts built to take around and show people. But it's finally real. You can visit Sprout on our Sprout Forum page we setup here. And do me a personal favor, if you would, visit the page and leave a comment or ask a question, but engage with Sprout and Scott. Sprout started out as a dream. To bring concert quality sound into people's home in a small, affordable and cool package. One that would appeal to a much younger group than is typically associated with high-end audio. Scott's in his early thirties as are his friends. They LOVE music. No, let me say it a different way, music is one the greatest PASSIONS in their lives, I think more so than my generation. I believe they are called Millennials, and how cool is it to see and feel their passion for music? To me it's just amazing. Sprout brings the performance and joys of high end audio into reach of an entire new generation of music lovers. Every single person who has touched or heard Sprout wants one. I want one! There's nothing more important we can do for Sprout right now than to welcome it into the world. To let Scott know this is important and we care. When someone's put their heart, soul and fears on the line, as all artists do, it's scary. Make no mistake. Sprout is Scott's work of art. I hope you give him a high five on the forums. Thanks.
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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