Spring cleaning

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With spring in Colorado we're usually slammed with one or two wet, sloppy, snow storms that snarl traffic, break tree limbs and close the airport. Last week's blizzard was no exception. The company declared a snow day and we sent everyone home to defend their driveways, shake the trees so branches could survive, and take care of kids.

I, on the other hand, decided it might be a perfect opportunity to spend some quiet time in Music Room One and fought my way through the snow to come to work. When I arrived the room was in disarray. We've been conducting a number of experiments, from MQA listening tests to playing with a new USB magic device that has me drooling....(and no, I'm not yet ready to talk about it). So, instead of listening to music right away, I rolled my sleeves up and started to clean.

You car seems to run better after you clean it, and it's the same for our stereo systems. I think that's because you're more focused on relishing the positive aspects and ignoring the negative bits. But, whatever the reason, we all know it's true.

Over the next few days I'll detail some simple tips on tweaking your system.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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