Silver ears?

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Most visitors to PS Audio walk into Music Room One and freeze. Some take a step back, intimidated by the sheer size of the IRSV.

Inevitably they declare the fact their ears are not golden enough, or silver, even bronze.

I wonder why it is a room dedicated to revealing music's innermost secrets intimidates first-time visitors? Like standing in front of a race car afraid to get behind the wheel, or hesitant to sample food in a chef's kitchen.

They relax when music plays. They're delighted to know their ears qualify too.

Perhaps they're worried about being judged as unworthy when the truth is so very different. Few would bat an eye at being able to recognize live at a concert hall.

Our ears are all golden. Each of us easily recognizes better.

And a few among us step up to the plate to build better in their homes.


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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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